Latest edition AllAboutFeed now online

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Latest edition AllAboutFeed now online

The October issue of AllAboutFeed is now available online. Read about how to interpret feeding signals, current knowledge on spray dried porcine plasma and its link with PEDv and take a glimpse at the premix plant from Bivit in Belgium.

A premix is a very important component in animal diets. Purity and quality of the premix should therefore be guaranteed. AllAboutFeed talked to Paul De Smet, CEO at premix producer Bivit in Belgium who gave a short tour through the new production plant.

In the article on page 6 of this issue we explain the concept Feeding signals’, developed by VetVice in the Netherlands. Feeding perfect rations is only possible when you understand feed analysis, the properties of the feed, the way a cow works and her milk production. The concept ‘Feeding signals’ looks at all these aspects: from mouth to rumen and intestines. In this article, Jan Hulsen explains a few things to consider when using this concept.

In the article on porcine blood plasma and PEDv, members of the technical committee European Animal Protein Association (EAPA) review some of the studies on the safety of spray-dried porcine plasma (SDPP) with regards to the PED virus.

In this edition, we also take a look at the forgotten nutrient: Water. It sounds logical – if pigs are fed liquid feed, why bother supplying drinkers? Surely they will only constitute an additional cost for water wastage? The matter is more complex than that. Water answers to the pigs’ biological and behavioural needs. Peter Brooks explains what to look out for to make sure water is supplied in good quality and amounts.

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