Levucell SC now authorized for use in EU horses

06-10-2009 | |
Levucell SC now authorized for use in EU horses

Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s is now authorized to market its probiotic yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077 (Levucell® SC20 and Levucell® SC 10ME, a micro encapsulated form for inclusion in pelleted feed), in the European Union as a ‘digestibility enhancer’ in horses.

This new authorization of Levucell® SC use is the acknowledgement by the European Authority that the ingredient is safe for animal health, human health and the environment as well as effective in horses in enhancing fibre digestibility and performance.

Trials performed with the product in horses have proven that it produced a significant improvement in fibre and overall dry matter digestibility. The products has an effect on horses’ hindgut microflora, stimulating the growth of cellulolytic bacteria populations which improves fibre digestibility. These effects are translated into visible benefits for the horse. These include optimization of forage, improved feed utilization, and therefore weight gain, performance and general well-being.

Levucell® SC is already authorized for use in dairy cows, beef cattle, fattening lambs, dairy ewes and dairy goats.

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