Magnets to contribute to quality grains

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Magnets to contribute to quality grains

Granexport AD is a Serbian based company that specializes in the export and import of cereals. It wants to supply quality products and installed magnets of Eriez.

Quality is high on the agenda at Granexport with their facilities being carefully maintained to ensure the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, and the HACCP concept are adhered to.
With this commitment to quality in mind, Granexport turned to Eriez, itself an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, to help maintain its high standards by producing the cleanest product possible.
Granexport wanted to remove any small contaminants (10mm and below) of ferrous metals from a pipeline of continuously flowing granular corn (2-8 mm diameter). The product flows from a freefall height of 1,000 mm with a moisture content of 14%.
Eriez provided a solution by supplying a Magnetic Hump Separator.
Eriez Magnetic Hump Separators are effective at eliminating ferrous contamination from materials falling under gravity or conveyed in pneumatic lines.
Material entering the Hump is forced to change direction by an Eriez Plate Magnet. With ferrous metals being attracted to the magnet the remaining material slows and changes direction to pass over a second Plate Magnet.
This ‘dog leg’ design takes advantage of the ferrous metal density with the heavier metallic’s working their way to the magnet, increasing the probability of capture.
Granexport commented, “We are very happy with the new installation provided by Eriez. Not only is the magnet doing a good job at improving the quality of our product, it is also protecting our other machinery against tramp metal damage.”
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