Man dies in elevator accident at Cargill

23-10-2012 | |
Man dies in elevator accident at Cargill

One elevator technician died and another was injured Tuesday after the two men fell in an elevator they were working to replace at the Cargill industrial plant in Bridge City, Louisiana, USA according to authorities.

The injured man (25) was taken to hospital after the accident in unknown condition; the other man, about 44, was dead on the scene.

When fire fighters arrived at the scene they found that an elevator at the top of a grain elevator had fallen, with the two workers inside, and they had to extricate them.

The coroner’s office said the fall was about 40 feet (12m) and occurred when the cable on the elevator broke.

“They were working on a man lift, which raises and lowers people outside the grain storage silos (also called elevators),” reads a brief statement from a Cargill media representative.  “We’re in process of talking with employees – this is obviously upsetting – and working with authorities to investigate what happened.”


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