Maxi-Lift strengthen Tiger-Tuff Line

10-11-2011 | |
Maxi-Lift strengthen Tiger-Tuff Line

Maxi-Lift, the leading manufacturer of elevator buckets in North America, strengthens the Tiger-Tuff maximum duty elevator bucket line by adding 13 new sizes and enhancing existing models.

The bucket line now offers 30 sizes.  New Tiger-Tuff 5 and 6-inch projection buckets add versatility to the feed market, while existing 7 and 8-inch projection buckets are thicker and tougher, adding significant improvement to bucket life. 
Specifically designed to increase bucket life up to four times, Tiger-Tuff buckets have reinvented facility maintenance expectations.  “Tiger-Tuff is the best bucket made in the industry- stronger, thicker and they last longer. Companies experience less down time with Tiger-Tuff,” says John Windwehen, 32-year feed industry veteran and Maxi-lift consultant.  With millions of Tiger-Tuff buckets in circulation, it is Maxi-Lift’s goal to optimize our customer’s productivity.  To recognize the success and loyalty of existing customers and satisfy new customers, enhancements to the 7 and 8-inch projection models have been made.  The enhancements include thickening the lip and front corners to reduce traditional wear pattern and improving overall structural life.
Extending the Tiger-Tuff bucket line offering was requested by our customers.   “Years ago, Maxi-lift reinvented the elevator bucket with the release of Tiger-Tuff, satisfying the industry desire for a better product.  Since then, we’ve had customers with elevators that didn’t run our bucket sizes requesting a Tiger-Tuff innovation to meet their needs. Now, we have answered their call  with the addition of the 5 and 6-inch projection lines,” notes Bo Fisher, Director of Sales at Maxi-Lift.  Adding smaller projection buckets to the Tiger-Tuff line allows premium buckets to optimize feed leg production.   In addition, changing buckets less often is safer for production employees- reducing the risk of exposure, as well as liability issues stemming from possible contamination. 
With over 38-years of experience, Maxi-Lift® brand means unmatched service, customized solutions, engineered quality and fast delivery.  Maxi-Lift® distributes elevator bucket and accessory solutions to over 70 countries around the globe. With more than 300,000 square feet of production, manufacturing and warehouse space, Maxi-Lift® is the largest Elevator Bucket Manufacturer in North America.

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