Mega horse centre to be developed in China

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Mega horse centre to be developed in China

Meydan City Corporation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, announced plans for a joint venture project to establish Tianjin Horse City in China.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktourn, UAE Vice President, confirmed March 27th as the official grand opening of the new US $2 billion Meydan Grandstand and Race Track — the day of the world’s richest horse race: the Dubai World Cup (photo).
Ambitions in China are even bigger. Tianjin Horse City will be established in Ninghe County, Tianjin in 2010 and willtrain 8,000 equestrian professionals, breed 1,000 high quality studhorses, produce high quality horse feeds, conduct horse auctions, hold international and domestic professional horse races, promote and impart equine culture and knowledge to youths,provide tourism services for the public, andprotect the wellbeing and interests of equines.
With a total land area of 5,000 mu (app. 334 ha) and in addition to an equestrian college, feedstuff plant, breeding base, horse hospital, and quarantine centre, Tianjin Horse City will also include five-star to seven-star luxury hotels, a clubhouse, commercial offices, and residential facilities.
Feed plant
The plant may produce 10,000 tonnes of compound feed, which may satisfy the needs of 2,700 horses for a year.
The production will combine imported formulas, technology, key equipment, and some materials with domestic processing, packaging and marketing, with a target of 50% export.
When the quality of production stabilizes, the proportion of domestic materials will be increased gradually.
10,000 employees
It is estimated that the project will pay hundreds of millions of taxes and profits to the State within five years, provide employment for 10,000, and develop a horse industry economy that will establish production franchise of standard scales across China.
Tianjin Horse City has filed its application to the Chinese Equestrian Association for the establishment of a national equestrian sports and horsing racing training base.
Tianjin Horse City is to be jointly established by Meydan City Corporation(Dubai,UAE), TAK Design Consultants (Malaysia), Zhouji Jiye (China) and Tianjin Farm Group (China).
The Group will help fulfil the gaps in the equestrian sports and horse culture industry economy in China, and merge the modern equine industry operations system in the coming 15 years.
Five-year plans
The Company has prepared two five-year plans. The first plan spans five years and eight months from May 2010 to December 2015.
  • End of 2011: completion of equestrian college, studhorse base and feedstuff plant and put into trial operations.
  • End of 2012: completion of horse trading centre, hotel, clubhouse, shopping centre, and entertainment centre.
  • End of 2013: completion of offices and living facilities.
  • End of 2014: development of national standard club events, national equestrian club and national equestrian park franchises; preparation of horse culture communication market and international events market will commence. 
The second five-year plan spans from January 2016 to December 2020, which will focus on the listing of the Company and cohesion with the international horse industry.

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