Modern feed plant for Tula oblast

24-08-2011 | |

At the village of Makletsov Novomoskovsk in the district (oblast) of Tula in Russia a new innovative feed mill has been opened equipped with only Russian made machinery.

At the official presentation of new enterprise the acting head of the region Vladimir Gruzdev, said that the opening of the plant is an important event both for his region and for the whole industry.
He also added that "today it is the most modern plant for production of various types of animal feed in Russia."
In the official statement it is noted that the production system of the new complex will be equipped with only innovate Russian machines.
The composition of the plant equipment provides high quality feed that will be able to meet all existing standards.
"The opening of the new complex it is really a very important step for the whole industry. For a long period of time we had to build factories, equipped mostly with foreign equipment, to produce high quality feeds. Investors were convinced that with the Russian equipment only extremely low-quality products could be made, and therefore they were not investing any money in such projects, That situation has changed," added the management of the new plant.

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