Most German policymakers in favour of GM-crop

13-07-2009 | |

A majority of the members of Germany’s parliament are against the current ban of Monsanto’s genetically engineered maize Mon 810.

The insect resistant maize could not be planted this year by German farmers after Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner argued there might be effects on non-target organisms such as ladybugs.
Last week a majority of the members of the parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) rejected a motion of the German Greens to vote against EU re-authorisation of Monsanto’s Bt maize as well as against a permanent ban of Mon810 cultivation in Germany.
Earlier the European food safety authority EFSA had already stated that Mon810 is as safe for human health and the environment as conventional maize is.
The statement of the EFSA implies that data and studies presented by farm minister Aigner to invoke the safeguard clause are not relevant.
The lab studies suggested that the CryA1b toxin produced by Mon810 causes higher mortality of ladybugs and other non–target organisms.
Furthermore, the MPs voted against a Green Party suggestion to establish GMO-free zones.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed