Mycotoxins: Special issue AllAboutFeed now online

06-10-2014 | |
Mycotoxins: Special issue AllAboutFeed now online

The special edition of AllAboutFeed – managing mycotoxins – is now available online. What are the latest insights in detection techniques and how do we deal with mycotoxins in fish? A broad spectrum of articles on mycotoxins are combined in this special issue. A ‘not to be missed’ reference magazine for you and your clients.

Managing mycotoxins is getting more savvy as detection techniques become more sensitive and specific and new tools enter the market place to spot the toxins at an early stage. A great example of the latter is the use of a mobile smartphone technology developed by Don Cooper and his team. In his article on page 28 he explains how this works.

At the same time, conventional detection techniques have evolved tremendously, as explained by Vera Traar from Romer Labs in her article on page 33 of this issue. The first tests could only spot one single mycotoxins. But as we all know: mycotoxins never come alone. It is therefore important to have tests that can detect multiple mycotoxins in one sample. Luckily, the detection techniques have evolved to highly reliable and sensitive multi-mycotoxin detection methods like LC-MS/MS systems and rapid, easy-to-use, on-site tests like Lateral Flow Devices.

Next to testing, binding products are an important part of the total strategy. Since we know that mycotoxins harm the feed quality and animals, many products have entered the market place and all claim to have the best binding or absorbing technique. In this issue you can read about a broad range of different strategies and their use in different animal species (including fish!).

However, complete eradication of mycotoxins is a difficult  task and we still have many things to learn about them, for example the interaction between different mycotoxins in one feed sample. But what we know today, can be read in this magazine. Enjoy!

The magazine will also be distributed at the upcoming World Mycotoxin Forum, held in Vienna, Austria.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor