New animal feed plant in Dungun, Malaysia

13-03-2007 | |

The Terengganu Veterinary Services Department in Malaysia will build a new feed plant to process feed for cattle and goats at a cost of RM2 million (€433,000) in Durian Emas, Dungun, in the middle of this year.

State Director of Veterinary Services Dr Azizol Mohd
Sharom said today the decision to build the factory was prompted by complaints
from livestock breeders that they had difficulty getting feed.

department tried supplying the feed to small and medium scale livestock breeders
early this year at its branch offices but it could not accommodate the huge
demand. He said the department had so far supplied more than 10 tonnes of the
feed at RM30 (€6.50) per 50-kg bag, lower than the RM31per (€6.70) bag
market price. The department garnered its supply of the feed directly from the
producer, Felda Biopalma Seed, in Serting, Bahau, Negeri Sembilan, he

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