New! App version for AllAboutfeed

12-04-2015 | |
New! App version for AllAboutfeed

Reading the latest AllAboutFeed magazine on your smartphone or tablet is now possible. We proudly present our AllAboutFeed App, for both Android and iOS. It is free and gives you the possibility to read animal feed articles wherever you are.

“It is a great way to extent our portfolio of medium outlets within the AllAboutFeed brand. And our readers travel a lot, so all you need is your mobile phone to stay up to date. We have now added the latest six editions of the magazine into the App. You only need to sign in to read all the articles,” explains Emmy Koeleman, editor of AllAboutFeed.

Download the AllAboutFeed App here:

AllAboutFeed’s sister publications (all part of RBI Agri) can also be downloaded via an App.

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