New BHOS DUO mill does work for 2 mills

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New BHOS DUO mill does work for 2 mills

German company Buschhoff will present an innovation for on-site milling and mixing: the hammer mill BHOS DUO at the Agritechnica 2009. This mill combines the excellent throughput performance of mills without blower and the flexibility which otherwise is provided only by two separate mills.

Up to now the working principle of mills, regardless of with or without blower, is based on a screen which determines the structure of the milled materials. For another structure the screen must either be changed manually, or a second mill must be purchased to produce the alternative structure. The newly developed BHOS DUO, though, is engineered to provide 2 different screens and bi-directional rotation. Thereby it is able to produce 2 completely different feed structures without the need for a manual screen change, extremely interesting when milling wheat and barley.

For optimum usage of both screen areas within the scope of this innovative approach, more fundamental technical improvements are implemented in comparison with conventional mill design. The BHOS DUO is initially offered with 11, 15, and 18,5 kW motors.

Preselect feed structure
With the BHOS DUO incorporated into a milling and mixing plant it is not only possible to determine the composition of feed from different feed components automatically and computer controlled, but the new concept of the mill design adds the capability to preselect the feed structure and thereby to process the feed exactly as required and just in time. The operator can thus customise the feed according to the needs of the different animal groups both optimal and completely automatic. Especially in conjunction with the once again optimised Buschhoff autofilter, which reduces fine dust in the feed and moreover prevents the build-up of condensate, the mill caters for feed with optimum structure.

A plant with the DUO mill offers more flexibility in feed production, easier operation, and a significant economy of time. More economic advantages are provided by the fine-tuning of high-quality feed production and by the better feed intake by the animals.

Technical data:
Motor performance: 11, 15 or 18.5 kW
RPM: 2900
Hard metal hammers: 24 (bi-directional design)
Weight: 300, 310 or 320 kg
Milling performance:  up to 3.5 t/h

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