New feed additives division for Zintec

05-05-2008 | |

With the successful sales of its feed additives sourced from Biomin, Zintec Feed Supplements has decided to set up a stand alone division: Zintec Feed Solutions. This new division will be responsible for the distribution of feed additives to the feed industry.

The new division will be based at the companies HQ in Shobdon, Herefordshire
and will supply a full range of feed additives including Mycotoxin deactivators,
Phytogenics as well as probiotics. “This is an exciting time for us with the
market for natural products increasing every year, and the future launch of some
very special products for the poultry industry” says Chris Williams of Zintec.

About the company
Zintec Feed Supplements is a
family owned manufacturer of animal feed supplements. The company was founded 22
years ago and specialises in quality supplements for ruminants. The new division
will cater for the pigs and poultry industry as well as its existing ruminant

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