New feed analyser offers next logical step in high performance near infrared analysis

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New feed analyser offers next logical step in high performance near infrared analysis

FOSS announces the NIRS DS2500 feed analyser a robust, purpose built instrument combining high performance near infrared (NIR) analysis with full compatibility to FOSS NIR solutions.

Unique, high-performance across a broad wavelength range of 400 to 2500nm gives accurate analysis results for a range of parameters such as protein, moisture, fat, ash, amino acids, fibre and starch in under a minute and empowers feed millers in handling intake, improving production and ensuring final product quality.
Compatibility to other NIR analysis solutions ensures that feed millers can migrate to the new high-performance platform while re-using existing valuable calibration data.
Robust and simple to use, the instrument can be used in the laboratory or in the feed mill.
100% compatibility avoids loss of valuable data
Instrument calibration based on reliable measurement data is an important aspect of NIR analysis, especially in the feed industry where a wide variety of raw material is used. Backwards compatible to existing FOSS solutions such as XDS, and NIRSystem II solutions, the NIRS DS 2500 allows users to take the best from any existing calibration data and transfer it quickly and easily to the advanced DS 2500 instrument offering the best-in-class performance.
Effective operations with standardised instruments
It’s easy to get started using the NIRS DS2500 as every instrument that leaves the factory is hardware standardized. Light intensity, bandwidth and wavelength precision are thoroughly controlled in production to ensure complete consistency between instruments.
Built-in measurement standards help to control instrument performance, ensuring that no deviations occur over time. This helps to maintain consistency between instruments and makes it easy to install additional instrument units. Likewise, multiple instruments can use the same calibrations without any modifications.
Unmatched optical performance
The DS2500 is a monochromator based NIR reflectance and transflectance analyser with a scanning range of 400 – 2500 nm. The measuring chain is highly optimized with regard to linearity and S/N ratio delivering unique analytical performance. The wide spectral range makes the system ideally suited for analysis of demanding parameters such as amino acids.
Built for the task
The NIRS DS 2500 has been designed for high performance in the hardest production environments. It is IP65 certified to withstand humidity, vibration and temperature fluctuations.

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