New feed protocol to boost fish farming

24-12-2009 | |
New feed protocol to boost fish farming

Kenya will soon have in place a fish feed protocol to offer guidelines to manufacturers.

Fisheries Development minister Paul Otuoma said the move is aimed at ensuring that fish farmers get quality feeds.
"We are actively engaged with feeds manufacturers to produce quality fish feeds that will result in better fish growth," said Otuoma during the launch of fish ponds in Samia District, Western Province.
This is part of the economic stimulus package being rolled out countrywide.
He said his ministry has embarked on a fish breeding programme which will include establishing fish seeds standards in order to make the initiative more efficient and productive.
"Under the fisheries economic stimulus programme, we have Sh1.12 billion (€11.12m) to support fish farming activities in the country. It is because there is evidence that fish production from water bodies is steadily declining," he said.
Lake Victoria emptying out
The minister said fish production from Lake Victoria has declined from 200,000 metric tonnes in 1999 to about 114,000 metric tonnes last year with no signs of stocks recovering soon.
He said they had carried our aquaculture suitability survey noting that preliminary results indicate that there is enormous potential for fish farming in the whole country.
Otuoma said the potential area suitable for fish farming is over 1.14 million hectares adding that if the potential is fully exploit, production could be increased to 11 million metric tonnes per annum and fetch Sh750 billion (€6.95b).
This, he said, would create an industry employing and supporting a substantial number of fish farmers, feed manufactures, fish processors, traders and other actors.
Dr Otuoma said the current production is only 4,220 metric tonnes with a total area under aquaculture production standing at 722 hectares.
He added that the project will employ 280,000 youths and who will earn Sh700 million (€6.45m).

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed

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