New fish peptide isolate plant in Ecuador

02-10-2009 | |

Bluewave Marine IngredientsTM announced the successful startup of a “first of a kind” Fish Peptide Isolate (FPi) production plant in Manta, Ecuador.

The $2MM+ project is a joint venture between Marine Protein S.A.C. of Manta, Ecuador and Bluewave Management, Inc. of Panama. The JV is structured whereby Bluewave will manage IP and control product formulations, process development and sales/marketing of the Fish Peptide/Peptone products, while Marine Protein SAC will operate the plant and manage local logistics / raw material contracts.

The sanitary grade facility began commercial scale production of Peptides this summer with Ecuadorian poultry/aquaculture clients being the first to incorporate PerfectDigestTM FPi into their feed formulas. Inclusion rates of 0.5-1.0% during the first 2-4 weeks of feeding has resulted in Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) improvements of several percentage points for poultry. These results have prompted additional local poultry/shrimp/tilapia feed manufacturers and farm operators to initiate trials to determine efficacy in their own applications as well.

Luis Daqui, the Sr. Nutritionist for AgriPac / Balanfarina Feed company of Guayaquil shares that, "the initial inclusions have shown a catalytic affect of the Fish Peptide by helping the chick’s digestive tract to develop and to better convert all the other feed which is consumed. About 50g of dry matter FPi has been enough to improve FCR by several points and finish weights by more than 100g". Balanfarina is now incorporating FPi/FPC into their Poultry & Aqua Feeds with finished product available for export.

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