New grain processing plant for PAVA

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New grain processing plant for PAVA

OJSC PAVA plans to become a leading Russian company in advanced grain processing through the implementation of a new plant. The plant will be oriented on the production of vital wheat gluten, wheat starches, syrups, compound animal feed, liquefied CO2, wheat germ oil and alcohols – of beverage, fuel and industrial grades.

In view of the recent developments on the global food
and feed markets, management of PAVA reconsidered the initial production plan so
as to engage most of the resources in manufacturing of food ingredients and
animal feed – which will now account for 80% of the total output.

Better suit market needs
Taking it a step further, a
very important point about this project is the flexibility of the outputs making
up the final production volume. It means that due to the chosen technology the
company may take into account the current supply and demand situation on the
market and adjust the shares of manufactured goods to better suit the market
needs and improve the economic performance. Consequently, at different periods
PAVA may produce different amounts of starch products, alcohols, etc.

More plants
The new plant will be built on the basis of the
existing production facilities in the Rebrikha district (the Altay Territory)
where one of the grain processor’s flour mills is located. The company plans to
reconstruct and extend these facilities, and add three more plants – for
production of gluten, starches and alcohol.


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