New partnership on silage inoculants

31-10-2007 | |

Lallemand Animal Nutrition North America and Mycogen have entered into a distribution agreement for Biotal Forage Inoculants in Ontario.

Biotal® Forage Inoculants combine proprietary strains
of lactic acid bacteria with enzymes for fast efficient ensiling and aerobic

Silage is the largest part of the daily intake of most
ruminants so its quality plays an important part in animal performance. Heating
results in energy losses, reduced palatability and intakes. Energy losses are
due to the consumption of sugars and lactic acid by yeasts. This causes the
pH to rise, creating ideal conditions for mould development, causing greater
energy and DM losses. Moreover, some moulds produce mycotoxins with potential
negative consequences on animal health and performance.

Biotal Forage
Inoculants are a management tool to help producers prevent heating and spoilage
in their silages and also to minimize risks from mould

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