New release of Bestmix Feed optimisation programme

23-06-2009 | |

Software developer Adifo has released a new version of its Bestmix Feed optimisation programme.

Bestmix® is an advanced least-cost feed formulation and optimization package. The package has been known for more than 30 years throughout the world for its powerful functions, such as multiblend + ingredient allocation, advanced labeling, bulk blending, etc.
Bestmix has been developed in close co-operation with key companies in the international feed industry and is updated constantly to new legislation, market and business needs.
Some features:
·          Create multi-level compound structures that correspond with the production process.
·          Meet end-product requirements while still controlling every single included compound.
·          Compute compound to meet the pre-printed declarations and quality claims.
·          The new priority rules make sure the sequence on the declaration is always respected from the first optimization result.
·          The multi-level module is the easiest tool to optimize petfood compounds or compound feed with included premixes or special concentrates.
·          Visible consolidated ingredient composition of the main feed and every included sub-compound with the possibility to enter constraints at all levels.
Trace data changes
All data-changes are stored in the background. Every change is visible, no matter who or when or how the change was realized.
The user is also able to store a reason for changing the data. With the extended query, it is possible to trace the changes of one nutrient in one ingredient over the last year.
Securing company knowledge
A lot of company know- how is stored in equations to calculate derived nutrients or company specific parameters.
These valuable equations can now be secured in such a way that selected users can use the equation, but never get the information visible. Even when they are transported to off-line systems, they are encrypted and can only be run when the off-line system has a license for this equation.
Get company ingredient requirements in seconds
Optimizing large data-pools require fast and performing applications. Together with Lindo, Adifo has improved the mathematical solver and the multiblend optimization program.
A batch of 1400 compounds can be re-optimized in less than eight seconds. This makes Bestmix the ultimate tool for purchasers.
Thanks to the high level of interactivity and the presentation of the results in the graphical Windows user-interface, every purchasing situation can be simulated in seconds, making complex models simpler for the user.
Whether optimizing one plant in one period, one plant for several periods or multiple plants for multiple periods, results are presented in seconds.
This way, for example you are able to evaluate whether or not it makes sense buying ‘Soya hipro’ in March and use it at a later point in time.
This includes the transport costs to the different plants and the storage costs till the next periods.
Calculating maximum possible ingredient usage
Bestmix exactly shows the maximum or the minimum quantity of an ingredient in your set of compounds. No more ‘trial and error’ approach, the result is there in the first optimization run.
In the same way, you can solve your infeasibilities in Multiblend. For every infeasible constraint, the program tells you the minimum amount of ingredients needed or the maximum possible amount.
You can define your own XML structures with your own tag names and integrate your Bestmix data in any other application.
Are you sure you produce the cheapest feed?
When you formulate your compound for 1 kg of feed, you always fill the compound to come to 100% of feed. The feed never has the optimal concentration. This means that your feed is too expensive.
You can get more money out of you formulation when running the ‘free concentration’ formulation. You meet all the requirements on product basis and get the optimal concentration at the same time.
Does your purchaser get the right information at the right time?
In quite some companies, purchasers do not use the Bestmix formulation software themselves. They get the support and the information from the nutritional department. Is this the best way to provide your purchaser the right purchasing information?
It is now possible to give access to the purchaser. This way, he can play with the forecasts and get the corresponding ingredient consumption immediately in a pivot table.
Detailed info can be obtained from Adifo

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed