New Scottish marine science facility in Aberdeen

01-12-2010 | |

A new £15 million (€17.73m) marine science facility was opened in Aberdeen which will help sustain Scotland’s position as a major producer of farmed fish.

The Ellis Building – named after the late Dr Tony Ellis, the influential Scottish scientist who revolutionised the field of fish immunology – will be the centre of Marine Scotland Science’s fish health research operations, supporting the aquaculture industry and providing wild fish stocks with greater protection.
Richard Lochhead, Scotland’s fisheries minister, said the facility would enhance Scotland’s reputation as a centre for aquatic science expertise.
"Fish farming is the world’s fastest growing food sector and already accounts for over half of the fish we eat. Scotland is well positioned to benefit from this, with 40% of our food exports coming from aquaculture, and the industry contributes over £400 million to the Scottish economy,” he said
"The value of Scottish salmon is on the increase, while shellfish offers great potential – for example mussel production, which is eco-neutral, has expanded 22% in the past three years. This industry brings around 1,800 jobs to remote and rural parts of our country."

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed
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