New technology protects mineral loss

07-02-2007 | |

ADM Alliance Nutrition introduced a new technology to protect mineral supplements from moisture loss.

Mineral supplements may be exposed to rain, snow and wind when fed in open troughs, which can lead to nutrient loss due to leaching. The new technology named "WeatherMaster" uses high quality, naturally-sourced ingredients to protect the minerals. It does not contain petroleum-based ingredients.

55% less mineral loss
ADM researchers performed a leaching test comparing its supplement to eight competitive mineral supplements. The amount of minerals lost when using WeatherMaster is 55% less than the average of the eight competitive products. Leaching of minerals in competitive products is as high as 7% of the total mineral package, representing a substantial mineral loss.

The new WeatherMaster technology is incorporated into two brands available through ADM Alliance Nutrition: Moorman’s® Range Minerals, 2-ounce feeding level and MasterGain® Range Minerals, 4-ounce feeding level.

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