New Vision Co-op pours concrete for new feed mill

31-07-2012 | |
New Vision Co-op pours concrete for new feed mill

It took eight days of continuous concrete pouring to complete the basic construction of the new feed mill of New Vision Co-op in Magnolia in Minnesota, USA.

Younglove Construction was commissioned by New Vision Co-op to build the construction. This new facility will consist of a slip-form concrete mill tower to house the batching system, future pelleting system, and load-out operations.
Ancillary structures include pre-engineered metal buildings for one receiving driveway, the warehouse, the tank farm, and load-out extensions.
Feed mill receiving operations will be through a double hopper pit to receive soft stock ingredients at a rate of 354,000 ltr per hour.
Grinding operations shall be housed in a concrete building next to the Owner-provided grain storage and shall utilize two 60-tph RMS rollermills.
Batching and mixing operations will consist of eighteen major ingredient batching screws, four minor scale batching screws, and four 12-bin micro ingredient systems.
A 6-ton Scott Equipment twin shaft mixer is at the centre of the batching and mixing system. Space has been allocated for a future 40-tph pelleting system.
Load-out operations consist of 18 bins in a single driveway and a 9-ton traversing weigh lorry hopper to load bulk trucks.
The Magnolia feed mill will be an addition to New Vision Co-op line of services. The state-of-the-art facility will be able to produce 120 tons of feed per hour and will be able to offer a 120-150 mile service range.
With mills in Minnesota in Worthington, Mankato, Windom, and Courtland and a fleet of delivery trucks, New Vision Co-op is a full-service feed supplier. It produces bases and concentrates, complete feeds, and starters for swine, dairy, beef, sheep, and poultry. The co-op also carries an extensive line of bagged feeds for our equine and companion animal customers.

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