New Zealand allows high-lysine corn

11-01-2008 | |

The New Zealand Food Safety Minister, Lianne Dalziel, announced that genetically modified (GM) high-lysine corn produced by Monsanto can now be imported into New Zealand. According to the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA), GM high-lysine corn is as safe for human consumption as conventional corn.

The corn was assessed and approved by Food Standards Australia New Zealand
(FSANZ), a joint standard setting organization, in July 2007. The previous
Minister for Food Safety delayed its gazettal in New Zealand while she sought
advice as to whether approvals for varieties not intended for human food use are
within the scope of the food treaty New Zealand shares with Australia.

Although the product can now be imported into New Zealand, it still must
adhere to GM labeling requirements.

This is the 33rd GM product to be
accepted as safe for human consumption in New Zealand. However, it is difficult
to find GM products on supermarket shelves as most supermarkets have a policy
not to carry GM foods. The use of high-lysine corn in human food is also allowed
in the United States, Japan, Canada ad the Philippines.


Zealand Food Safety Authority

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