Newly designed AllAboutFeed magazine now online

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Newly designed AllAboutFeed magazine now online

The June edition of AllAboutFeed is now available online. This issue covers the use of animal fat in diet formulation, plant extracts for dairy cows and discusses what the key points are for perfect application of powders and liquids in feed. Last but not least: the magazine has been restyled to give it a fresh and modern look.

Adding a feed or oil ingredient supplies the animal with essential fatty acids, needed for production and growth. But the digestibility of the fatty acids can vary between animal species and age groups. The effectiveness of including a fat or oil also depends on the total feed formulation. In the article on page 9 of this issue we explain what nutritionists should consider.

Mycotoxins: Quick action will prevent animal health issues – page 12

Feed efficiency in cows

There is evidence that feed additives generally are able to increase feed efficiency in dairy cows, as they positively affect fiber digestion, on condition of high quality forage. Especially plant-derived products are highly accepted by consumers, meeting the growing demand for antibiotic-free diets and livestock being kept and fed appropriate to their requirements and though allowing profitable farming on the other side. In the article on page 15, Delacon explains what the outcomes are when certain plant extracts were tested in cows.

Feeding efficiency: Finding ways to improve profitability page 14

Keys to proper mixing

Additives are designed to compensate some deficiencies of main raw materials (i.e. amino acids, vitamins, trace elements), or enhance feed quality (i.e. enzymes). They represent a small part of a recipe, but their impact on feed cost is high. Therefore, adding these additives properly is a daily challenge for the feed mill manager, whatever the form, powder or liquid. Proper application of feed additives is measured by recovery and homogeneity, according to the authors in their article on page 23 of this issue.

Preventive controls for feed: Understanding what processors need to do – page 28

New design

As of this issue, articles will be presented in a new and fresh design. The logo of AllAboutFeed has been changed and the articles will be presented in a different style, with more emphasis on pictures and other graphic elements. Also AllAboutFeed’s sister publications Pig Progress, World Poultry and Dairy Global have been refreshed. These magazines, belonging to the portfolio of RBI Agri are now more in line with each other to serve the international livestock industries with the best and most valuable information.

Other topics covered in this issue:

  • Column: Raw pet foods make raw claims
  • Protected sodium butyrate against Salmonella in pigs
  • Mycotoxins: Quick action will prevent animal health issues
  • Stable ration with sufficient nutritive value
  • Adding zinc to prevent profit loss from heat stress

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