Nigerian poultry operators interested in US grains

14-10-2009 | |
Nigerian poultry operators interested in US grains

A team of 11 Nigerian feedmillers and poultry operators travelled to the United States last week to attend a poultry management and grain pelleting workshop at the International Grains Program at Kansas State University.

With Nigeria’s recently waived ban on corn and sorghum imports, it is likely to begin importing these US feed grains soon.
The Agricultural Attaché reports Nigeria will likely import 300,000 tonnes of corn from the United States this year.
According to the Council, the most promising opportunities in Nigeria for US corn and sorghum are within the poultry industry.
Currently, some poultry producers use other, more costly feed ingredients in their ration, which raises matters of availability and consistency of quality.
The KSU course taught participants about the application of US products in poultry rations and how it compares to their current production practices.
The team was also introduced to US grain exporters to discuss import constraints and opportunities.
Source: Kansas Ag Connection


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