No link BSE in Japan and Dutch animal fat

28-01-2008 | |
No link BSE in Japan and Dutch animal fat

Japanese authorities have concluded that it is difficult to conceive that Dutch animal fat in milk powder led to BSE cases in Japan.

research initially thought
that animal fats (used in artificial milk powder)
from the Netherlands have led to several BSE cases in Japan during the
periods 1995-1996 and 1999-2001.

The Central Veterinary Institute in
the Netherlands

also investigated the possible contamination link in Dutch BSE cows.
The institute concluded that the milk powder was absolutely not the cause of

The conclusions from the Dutch research have been discussed
with the Japanese veterinary authorities, says Dutch Agriculture Minster
Verburg. In the latest communication (dated 14 December), the Japanese Ministry
also doubts a possible link as a result of the conclusion from the Dutch report
and also from conclusions drawn from EFSA that also questions the whole issue.

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