No more diarrhoea in calves

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Antilaxan from Sano is a new diet feed which acts against digestive disorders / Farmers save, time, money and nerves

If a calf falls ill with diarrhoea, the farmer must act at once. The losses in fluid and minerals must be replaced at once and the needs for nutrients and energy must be covered. Otherwise, a lot of money may be lost. This was explained by Dr. Jörg Bekkering, Sano specialist for bovine nutrition: “Treatment of diarrhoea is not just a question of the cost of drugs. Farmers also suffer considerable expenses for veterinary treatment, the enormous amount of time needed to care for the sick calves, not to forget the expenses if the calf is totally lost, the decreased daily growth and the overall delays in development. In the worst case, the animals must be given fluid infusions and this costs time, money and nerves.” The Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture has calculated that the losses for a single animal with mild diarrhoea are 108 Euros, with more than 360 Euros for a single animal with severe diarrhoea. According to Bekkering: “Diarrhoea may cause immense annual costs in many units, depending on their size. This can be prevented with the correct feed.”
The solution: Antilaxan for calves
To provide effect treatment for diarrhoea, or – at best – to stop it from developing, Sano has developed a new diet feed, with a unique composition. Antilaxan is an extremely effective feed for the prophylaxis and treatment of diarrhoea.  For example, the addition of camomile tea and bilberry extract is totally new. These additives soothe the bowels, as well as acting spasmolytically and as anti-inflammatories. The feed has three-fold activity. The added vitamins and trace elements enhance the calves’ resistance and prevent digestive disorders. Other components stabilise the digestive system and improve the consistency of the stools. The electrolytes and energy sources in the feed support the animals’ recovery. If only 50 g Antilaxan per meal (100 g / calf / day) is added, the calves will become much healthier within 5 days.
The components are as follows:
Lignocellulose, apple pectins and yeasts for diarrhoea linked to nutrition, to stabilise digestion and improve the consistency of the stools
Camomile tea and bilberry extracts soothe the bowels, act spasmolytically and as anti-inflammatories.
Electrolytes for revitalisation after diarrhoea
Energy sources for rapid regeneration
Probiotics to support the colonisation of the intestines with positive microorganisms
Brewer’s yeast to stimulate appetite
Trace elements and vitamins to support metabolism and resistance
Develop an integrated view with Sano
Aside from diseases of the respiratory tracts, diarrhoea is the most frequent and loss-making disease in young calves. According to Bekkering: “Diarrhoea is caused by a very wide variety of factors. These include deficiencies in husbandry and climate, poor hygiene and defective feeding, as well as viruses, bacteria and parasites. For this reason, effective treatment and prophylaxis are only possible in the context of an integrated concept, which considers all factors. This is provided by the Sano special advisors, with on site recommendations on husbandry and feeding.”
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