Novus Indonesia and ASA conducts extrusion workshop

27-04-2012 | |

In collaboration with the American Soybean Association (ASA), PT Novus International Indonesia (Novus Indonesia) conducted extrusion workshop in Jakarta recently. The workshop was attended by around 50 participants from feed mills.

Country manager Novus Indonesia, Wully Wahyuni said that the workshop was held because a lot of customers asking to discuss the topic of extrusion.
The key speakers of this two days workshop were Dr. Mian Riaz and Joseph Kearns. Riaz mainly discussed about the introduction of extrusion technology. He currently serves as the head of the Extrusion Technology Program and associate research scientist at the Food Protein Research and Development Center at Texas A&M University.
While Kearns, aquaculture process engineering manager at Wenger Manufacturing, focused his presentation and discussion about the different types of extruder and its application.

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