Nutrex South Africa acquired by De Heus

03-12-2007 | |

De Heus has announced the acquisition of feed company Nutrex KZN (Pty) Ltd., located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The management of Nutrex will continue within their current positions and
they are excited about this development because of the growth opportunities it
will create for Nutrex. As a member of the De Heus group, it is intended that in
due course Nutrex will trade under the name “De Heus Nutrex”.

acquisition of Nutrex fits the international strategy of De Heus, which focuses
on strong local presence and growth in markets with high agricultural potential.
The South African domestic market offers these opportunities.

components in this strategy are private ownership, maintaining an independent
position in the food chain, as well as a dedicated focus on quality animal
feeds. Nutrex will have immediate and longer term benefits from the De Heus
Group in the areas of nutritional know how, R&D, technology, marketing and

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