Nutriad launches new corporate identity and logo

01-10-2009 | |
Nutriad launches new corporate identity and logo

Belgian feed additive company Nutriad has seen a strong organic growth along with targeted acquisition and investment. “So time for a fresh new logo and corporate identity”, according to Global Marketing Manager Ben Letor.

Letor said “The main reason for the refreshed global corporate style is to continue to show our commitment to innovation, clearer communication, and an enhanced value added offering to the animal health and nutrition sector. He added “The time has come to put all our offerings under one umbrella. Our new logo captures our pedigree and symbolizes our commitment to delivering efficacious, natural, sustainable programs and added product offerings.

Nutriad application program approach encompasses five key competencies that benefit the complete animal feed chain from ensuring safety and quality of raw materials through digestion and utilization of the final feed.

About Nutriad
Nutriad’s journey began in 1963 as a pioneer in concentrated palatability solutions (under the Feed Flavors brand) and developer of high intensity sweeteners (International Additives brand) for the livestock industry. In 1999, Feed Flavors and International Additives merged to create BFI Innovations.

Nutri-Ad International Nv along with the largest spray dry facility in Europe for the manufacture of sodium butyrate were acquired in 2000 by the INVE group (a pioneer in specialty nutrition for hatchery production of marine fish and shrimp). Nutri-Ad International is known as one of the first companies to develop a multifunctional approach to toxin challenges. Recently, INVE Aqua Additives joined Nutriad to establish Nutriad Aqua Feed Additives and further strengthen Nutriad’s ability to offer specie specific applied programs.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor