Nutrition and feed equipment innovations at SPACE

11-09-2014 | |
Nutrition and feed equipment innovations at SPACE

In total 12 feed-related innovations will be awarded at the upcoming SPACE exhibition in Rennes, France.

Companies can receive a one or two star ‘Innov’Space’ award.

Acema: MasterMix (1 star)

An automatic feeder that accepts small or large tonnage through two hoppers equiped with two independent outlet augers. It allows partial or total recipes fabrications and allows wet maize in dry distribution unit.

Adisseo: Selisseo (2 star)

A  new source of organic selenium. To find more about this, read the full article here.

Big Dutchman Pig Equipment: FlexVey Pur (2 star)

A conveying system from silo to farm building

Biomin: BBSH 797 (2 star)

This product produces a specific enzyme, so-called de-epoxidases, that bio transform the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol in the gastrointestinal tract of the animal to a non-toxic metabolite.

Cargill: Alaopur (1 star)

A feed additive for poultry containing lactylates, stimulating gut health. Learn more about this product in this article.

Denkavit: Energy@Milk (1 star)

A new manufacturing technique allowing the milk replacer to be not any longer in a spray technology (re-fattening liquid form) nor in Sprüh (re-fattening dry), but to combine the advantages of these two techniques.

MixScience: Star’System (1 star)

A single trolley that distributes at the same time paper, the starter feed, as well as a nutritional solution. This saves time and favours the feed consumption of young chicks.

Ouest conseil elevage: Silo’Scan (1 star)

A new system for checking the condition of the maize in the silo: simple and quick .

Resalab: Phytogramme (1 star)

This product is an in vitro method of measuring the capacity of a product based on essential oils. This way the sensitivity of the microbes of interest to various solutions can be tested.

Schippers: MS DOP (1 star)

This hands-free oral dispenser for piglets (DOP) offers the possibility to administrate oral products for piglets in an ergonomic, accurate and quick way.

Stolz: SRDS (2 star)

This pelleting balers equipment is simple, reliable and inexpensive and allows rotation in two directions for easy cleaning.

VB Trade: Fill Silobag (1 star)

This product is a portable valve, auto perforating mainly intended at filling silobags.

In total, when taking into account innovations for all other animal species as well, 49 innovations received awards, of which 33 received one star and 16 received two stars. During the show, a few of the best innovations will be awarded three stars.

SPACE will be held from 16-19 September in Rennes, France.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor