Nutrition Conference: Feed & Wellness

04-01-2008 | |
Nutrition Conference: Feed & Wellness

Schothorst Feed Research organises the Nutrition Conference “Feed & Wellness: Optimal nutrition for welfare, health and production” on March 6 at the “Reehorst” conference center in Ede, the Netherlands.

Animal welfare is high on the International, EU and national political agenda’s. Increased legislation will require significant changes in animal husbandry and production. This will result in higher production costs for producers but not likely better retail prices, putting European production at a disadvantage.

EU welfare legislation
At this conference the EU commissioner will address the EU welfare legislation. The scientific standards and arguments for the legislation will be presented. From a human as well as customer’s perspective political and food choices will be elucidated.

The conference will focus on the role of nutrition in animal health (immunity), reducing stress and decreasing production diseases. In the short term these measures will be most practical and applicable profiting both animals and animal producers gaining consumers acceptance.

Who should attend? 
The conference is a must for: international and national nutritionists of feed anufacturers, allied industry, regulatory people and government officials, researchers and interested parties from the food chain.

Preregistration with payment of € 245 (excl. VAT, mastercard/visa accepted) is required via (Actuality/Events, please fill out the contact form. For abroad, please also enter your VAT-number). For info call + 31 320-229 620 or email to

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