October feed update: What did you miss?

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October feed update: What did you miss?

All About Feed wraps up the latest updates and business developments from October to ensure you don’t miss a thing in the global animal feed industry.

Agrana launches crystalline betaine production at €40m plant in Tulln

Fruit, starch and sugar group Agrana commences production of crystalline betaine at its Tulln site with an investment of €40 million. The construction of the new plant directly next to the sugar refinery is being undertaken by Beta Pura, a joint venture between Agrana and US-based The Amalgamated Sugar Company. Since 2015, Agrana has processed the sugar beet molasses obtained during the production of sugar at its Tulln site to make liquid betaine concentrate. The new plant has a production capacity of around 8,500 MT of crystalline betaine per year, which is used in livestock rearing as a component in animal feeds. This is only the 3rd site worldwide where natural crystalline betaine is produced.

Photo: Agrana
Photo: Agrana

Protix recognised for insect-based ingredients

Protix has won the Dutch Innovation Award 2020 for its progressive role in food sustainability and in recognition of its social impact. Protix developed a new circular approach that uses food residues as feed for insects (the black soldier fly). These insects serve as an ingredient for animals. The breeding process is fully automated, smart algorithms and robotics are used in the advanced process so that the growth process of insects can be controlled at the level of a larvae or crate.

Manuka Biotech enters Malaysia, seeks global partners

Manuka Biotech has introduced a range of functional and innovative fatty acid additives to Malaysia and the world. The company is a subsidiary brand under butyrate salt manufacturer, Singao, the first in China to launch water-soluble micro-encapsulated fat powder and its MCT series for animal feed application.

Photo: Manuka Biotech
Photo: Manuka Biotech

DSM completes acquisition of Erber Group

Royal DSM has acquired Erber Group’s Biomin and Romer Labs. Biomin specialises primarily in mycotoxin risk management and gut health performance management, while Romer Labs focuses on food and feed safety diagnostic solutions.

Better Origin secures funding to scale cutting-edge insect processing platform

A £10 million funding package from the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) will help to scale the insect bioconversion sector, accelerating the transition to sustainable methods of farming. As part of the project consortium, Better Origin will use the funding to focus on scaling their insect processing and value extraction technology to convert insects into products such as animal feed. A result of years of research and development, their patented ‘Metamorphosis Technology’, which processes insects into different products, represents a cost-effective, tailored processing line.

Photo: Better Origin
Photo: Better Origin

Evonik concentrates MetAmino production at 3 hubs

Evonik will cluster its MetAmino (DL-methionine) production at 3 international hubs (Americas, Europe, and Asia). DL-methionine is an essential amino acid used in modern feed formulation. Following this strategy, Evonik will close the smallest of its MetAmino plants with a capacity of 65,000 t per year, located in Wesseling, Germany, by the end of the first quarter, 2021. In addition, Evonik will invest about €25 million into upgrading its Wesseling plant to safeguard long-term supply to the Antwerp site.

‘Best of FIVE’ strategy enhances Siloking’s self-propelled feed mixers

5 years after launching SelfLine 4.0, Siloking presents its ‘Best of FIVE’ strategy whereby 5 ranges of self-propelled models make sure the customer can choose the model which best suits his needs. Through continuous re-engineering and enhancements implemented in the ‘Best of FIVE’ models, the machines’ average life cycle could be increased from 10,000 to 15,000 operating hours.

Photo: Siloking
Photo: Siloking

Lallemand opens offices in Vietnam

Lallemand Animal Nutrition has opened an office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to distribute its portfolio, including feed additives, for ruminants, pork, poultry, and aquaculture throughout the country.

Hamlet Protein launches new website

Soy-based protein ingredients manufacturer for young animals Hamlet Protein has launched its new corporate website which offers information on feeding solutions for different species, allows for a deep dive in key challenges producers face, and will be regularly updated with the latest company and market developments.

Photo: Hamlet Protein
Photo: Hamlet Protein

Adisseo webinar: net energy, feed formulation and animal performance

Dr Jean Noblet, who spend his career at the INRAe and who has worked for many years on net energy and coordinated many studies on the topic, participated in a webinar organised by FeedChannel, an Adisseo network, and which attracted over 500 people in September. He answered questions from nutritionists from around the world. The full webinar is accessible on the platform.

ADM invests in probiotics production

ADM has announced plans to construct a new, state-of-the-art facility in Valencia, Spain, that will expand its capabilities to meet a growing demand for microbiome solutions. The new facility, which represents a 5-fold increase in production capacity, will produce a wide array of science-based, probiotics and postbiotics.

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