On-demand: Optimizing performance and inorganic p-free diets

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On-demand: Optimizing performance and inorganic p-free diets
On-demand: Optimizing performance and inorganic p-free diets

All About Feed recently broadcasted a webinar on inorganic p-free diets and the role of phytase enzymes. The webinar was broadcasted live on 22 October in cooperation with Dupont Animal Nutrition and is now available to view on-demand.

In the webinar we discussed the latest advances in phytase enzymes and how full elimination of inorganic phosphorous supplementation can be achieved, without compromising animal performance.

Listen to Arno de Kreij. Global Segment Leader, DuPont Animal Nutrition who explains the role of phosphorus in animal feed diets.

Following on Rachael Hardy Global Technical Manager at DuPont Animal Nutrition will address how phytase enzymes can replace all inorganic phosphorous in animal diets while maintaining animal performance.

Watch the webinar to explore the developments that are driving the science towards inorganic P-free diets, and learn about:

  • The need for phosphorus in animal feed
  • The impact of reducing inorganic phosphate in feed
  • Reformulation requirements resulting from removal of inorganic P
  • The need for in-feed additives due to higher substrate levels
  • Key characteristics of the ideal phytase.

Marieke Ploegmakers Editor: All About Feed

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