Orego-Stim® now available for aquaculture

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Orego-Stim® now available for aquaculture

Meriden has developed two specific formulations of Orego-Stim® for use in aquaculture. The product is already used since 2000 in pigs and poultry.

The product for aquaculture comes in a liquid and a
powder form. Orego-Stim® AQUATRACT Liquid is most suited for use on extruded
feeds. Orego-Stim® AQUATRACT Liquid must be diluted with fats so a coating can
be sprayed onto the pellets post extrusion.Orego-Stim® AQUATRACT Powder will be
of interest to end users at farm level, as this specific formula is intended for
use not within a feed but as a powder to be coated onto a feed pellet at the
time of feeding.

Increased productivity
is unique and is derived from Origanum aetheroleum from our exclusive
natural oregano plantations. This unique oil of oregano contains two
very powerful natural phenols which have medicinal properties that benefit
livestock. Trials have proven that Orego-Stim Aqua® can provide many
benefits that lead to supreme productivity and animal health, which in turn make
better profits and a higher return on investment for the aquaculture producer.

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