“Out of the chain thinking…”

27-07-2011 | |
Harrij Schmeitz Agri & Food chains

Just before the summer holidays it’s a good time to make a wrap up of all that has happened this year. And that was a lot. Too much to give a complete overview.

What we see is further development of local food production on farms, EHEC-bacteria and other food safety issues, new farm types like Rondeel (welfare enhanced poultry farm), a big discussion on mega-farms (CAFOs), a very volatile market on cereals and other raw materials, new production technologies, more milk in the near future, the farm as a producer of green energy, GM or no GM, farmers big enough to make their own feed, and the upcoming social media.
This all happens in a market where price is everything. Every day the largest Dutch retailer is singing “Hamburgers with a discount Oh Oh Oh…”. See here the current TV commercial. It is in Dutch, and the guy is praising cheap hamburgers. Makes this any sense?
The question is what does this mean for Feed for Food. What does this mean for the supply chain, our factories? Can we manage all these changes in the supply chain without complete re-engineering of the supply chain? Is necessary to re-engineer the industry and production plants? And can we do this while the store is open?
One thing is clear; it’s time for ‘out of the chain’ thinking – out of the box. And the Dutch summer – with probably a lot of rain – is a good period to do so.
You will hear from me after the summer…

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