Oxidised carotenoids enhance feed efficiency

05-04-2011 | |

A non-antibiotic product from Chemaphor Inc. enhances feed efficiency and growth in food animals

Recently released research shows that weaned pigs fed a diet containing OxC-beta, a proprietary, concentrated mixture of fully oxidized carotenoids, show improved growth performance that is comparable to currently available antibiotic growth promotants.
OxC-beta is owned and intellectual property-protected by Chemaphor Inc.
Research carried out in young pigs by Dr. Dan Hurnik at the University of Prince Edward Island’s Atlantic Veterinary College, demonstrates that a low amount of OxC-beta, added to regular swine feed, promotes growth of the animals and improves conversion of feed into body mass.
Dr. Hurnik presented his findings at the 42nd annual meeting of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians conference in Phoenix, Arizona, March 5-8, 2011.
Support immune function
Results of clinical trials in animals and in vitro studies indicate OxC-beta helps support immune function, which can result in better overall health, improved growth and feed utilization, decreased need for clinical treatment, and reduced mortality.
“Feed additives, including antibiotics, are routinely used in swine production to increase and maintain uniform weight gain, improve feed conversion rates and to prevent disease,” says Dr. Hurnik.
“In an environment where safe and effective use of feed additives is common, oxidized carotenoids may be useful as a non-antibiotic option for maintaining growth of weaned pigs.”
The study used two groups of 48 weaned barrows aged 18-21 days selected from a high health commercial pork producer. A replica of this study was carried out with a second group of 48 weaned barrows after a nine-day period following the completion of the first trial. In the studies, OxC-beta was used at low levels in non-medicated diets.
According to Dr. Graham Burton, president and co-founder of Chemaphor Inc., the results are proof there is value in developing safe and effective alternatives to antibiotics for growth promotion and preventive treatment against disease.
“Presently few commercially available substances exist that can serve as antibiotic replacements for this function in the billion dollar growth promotant industry,” notes Dr. Burton.
Market launch
Chemaphor is currently in discussion with major international and Canadian partners to commercialize OxC-beta in Canada, the United States and Europe as a non-antibiotic and non-hormonal feed additive for livestock.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed