Pennent Mill Manager is feed industry’s first operational hub

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Pennent Mill Manager is feed industry’s first operational hub

Feed Management Systems (FMS) took its first giant step into 21st century computing with its introduction of Pennent Mill Manager, the first solution to be built on its new technology platform, Sivado.

Pennant Mill Manager on Sivado is a manufacturing and business operations solution that, according to FMS, will change how the global feed industry shares and uses information, communicates with suppliers, employees and customers and ultimately makes critical business decisions.

It is the first FMS solution built on the company’s next-generation technology platform, Sivado that will deliver actionable intelligence to customers, anywhere, anytime.

Manufacturing hub
Pennent Mill Manager on Sivado is the first “operational hub” for feed manufacturers, linking formulation, purchasing, manufacturing, operations and financial data to create a single view of all business operations data.

For the first time, feed manufacturers can connect on-demand with customers, suppliers and employees, share critical data and make informed decisions—all in real time—throughout the organisation and around the world.

Beginning in 2013, Pennent Mill Manager on Sivado will pack state-of-the-art mobile and cloud capabilities and will be the first feed industry solution using Microsoft Windows Azure.

These leading-edge capabilities will enable portability for feed producers who need on-demand access to accurate, up-to-date information about their business operations, 24/7, anywhere they go.

A race car
John Conboy, FMS’s global portfolio manager for manufacturing and operations, likens Pennent Mill Manager on Sivado to a race car—delivering horsepower when and where it’s needed to help feed manufacturers stay a step ahead of their business and their customers’ expectations.

“The ability to share information anywhere, anytime—among a far-flung group of customers, suppliers and employees—and make time sensitive decisions in real time is critical in today’s complex business environment,” Conboy explained.

“Our goal for Pennent Mill Manager on Sivado is to empower people with the information, tools and resources they need to make the best possible decisions for their business. The ability to do this will become increasingly important as the industry continues to consolidate, face volatile ingredient prices and a changing regulatory climate.”


  • Among its many advanced productivity features are Pennent Mill Manager on Sivado ability to:
  • Deliver integrated, up-to-date data from disparate sources to your fingertips
  • Deploy the solution in the cloud, on-premise and on a customer’s mobile device of choice, beginning in 2013.
  • Manage ingredient pricing, purchasing, costs and inventory with multi-site capabilities.
  • Control manufacturing to ensure that the customer gets the right feed at the right time in the right place.
  • Enable efficient, accurate regulatory compliance throughout the world with lot tracking, sequencing, traceability and documentation.
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