People: Anitox appoints new sales manager for Benelux

02-11-2012 | |
People: Anitox appoints new sales manager for Benelux

Feed industry specialist Pieter Vos has been appointed by Anitox as Sales Manager for The Benelux countries, comprising Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

A Dutch national who lives in the Netherlands, Pieter has been involved in the livestock and feed sectors throughout his career. After leaving University in 1995 he was involved in buying and selling piglets for Select Porc and subsequently worked for a number of livestock feed companies, including Oude Elberink Veevoeders. Most recently, he has worked for Booijink Veevoeders in a senior sales role, selling its range of specialty feed products throughout The Netherlands and Germany.

Pieter states, “This is an excellent time to be joining Anitox. There is a tremendous need for the company’s products and services in The Benelux because, in common with many other countries, the pig industry here has substantial problems with levels of Salmonella and other pathogens.

“Despite efforts to control the major pathogens such as Salmonella and E. Coli they remain of major concern to pig producers and feed manufacturers. My feeling is that the problems are greater than they appear. Only recently, Salmonella was at the centre of a major public health outbreak in The Netherlands, which has further raised awareness of the need for effective control measures to ensure that public health is protected.

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