PEOPLE: Cesfac appoints new president

16-06-2011 | |
PEOPLE: Cesfac appoints new president

Members of the Board of Trustees Cesfac, the association of Spain’s compound feed manufacturers, has chosen D. Ramón Molinary Malo as the new President of the foundation.

Cesfac met on June 10, 2011 at its headquarters in Madrid and unanimously chose Molinari for a period of four year.

He is replacing D. Luis Redondo Ruiz, who was praised for his strong support for actions and collaboration of Cesfac with other organizations and sectors of the food chain.

Cesfac was founded 11 years ago. It is now consisting of more than 75 companies and private organizations. Over the year 2010, the association provided more than €180,000 to finance projects and activities.

The new President is currently managing partner of Molinary&Gozalo and Agrotec, a national companies closely linked to the animal feed industry.

At the same meeting of the Board, as new members were chosen D. Ignacio Ferrer (Bayer), D. Juan Manuel García (Saipol Ibérica) and D. Ignacio Arranz (Foro Interalimentario), and renewed the mandates of D. Francisco García de la Calera (Omega Group), Ms Eva Casado (Catesa) and D. Angel Delgado (Arpisa)