PEOPLE: Chore-Time Brock International appoints new regional sales manager

14-06-2011 | |
PEOPLE: Chore-Time Brock International appoints new regional sales manager

Péter Jankovics has been named Regional Sales Manager for Eastern Europe and Central Asia for Chore-Time Brock International, according to Bruce Mitchell, Regional General Manager – Europe Group for the CTB business unit.

Jankovics will be responsible for promoting Brock grain storage, handling, conditioning and drying systems in those regions.
Prior to joining CTB, Jankovics worked in central Europe as a managing director overseeing production and trading activity for feed mill and livestock operations. His previous experience also includes technical service and sales management as well as independent consulting for poultry production and exports to central and eastern Europe and the Balkan countries.
A native of Kaposvár, Hungary, Jankovics holds a doctorate degree in economics from the University of Kaposvár, Hungary, and a master’s degree in agricultural engineering from Pannon Agricultural University, Hungary.  He resides in Gödöllő, Hungary, and is fluent in the Hungarian, Russian and English languages.
Chore-Time Brock International is a part of CTB, Inc., a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of systems and solutions for the production of grain, poultry, pigs and eggs, as well as for various equestrian and industrial applications. 

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