People: Meriden appoints global aqua sales manager

18-05-2012 | |
People: Meriden appoints global aqua sales manager

Meriden has appointed Maarten Jay van Schoonhoven as Global Aqua Sales Manager. The move follows Meriden becoming part of the Anpario PLC group, and a decision to focus the Aqua sector under the Meriden brand.

Maarten holds two MsC degrees in Biology and Aquaculture and has been with the group since 2009. He has considerable technical and commercial experience from around the world and his experience is a welcome addition to the Meriden Team who are actively expanding activity in the growing aquaculture sector.
Maarten will continue, under the Meriden identity, to work with Aquatice – the product developed by Kiotech International – in addition to developing and supporting the Orego-Stim® Aqua and Phyconomix product ranges.
He is currently based in Bangkok to oversee operations in the important aqua region of South East Asia. He will also have significant input into another important region in aquaculture, that of Central South America, an area where Maarten’s fluent Spanish will be an advantage.
Meriden is currently developing new products for the aqua sector and the addition of a person of Maarten’s calibre is seen as a welcome boost to development efforts.

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