Perten Instruments launches viscosity analyser

27-10-2010 | |
Perten Instruments launches viscosity analyser

Perten Instruments has launched the newest Rapid Visco Analyser: RVA 4500.

For the first time, the new RVA 4500 combines exceptional sensitivity and accuracy when analysing low viscosity samples plus wide dynamic range when analysing high viscosity samples, in a single instrument.
The RVA 4500 is a cooking stirring viscometer with ramped temperature and variable shear that can be used to determine the quality and processing characteristics of starch in grains, tubers, flours and extruded and cooked foods and feeds.
There are also applications for protein foods, ingredients such as modified starches and hydrocolloids and malting and brewing.
The RVA 4500 combines speed, precision, flexibility and automation plus USB connectivity to make it versatile, yet easy to use.
This makes the RVA 4500 a unique tool for product development, quality control, quality assurance and process control.
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