Photo project on European feed mills

03-05-2012 | |

Professional photographer Laurent Bellec has started a five-year project with the aim to produce the largest photographic collection ever made of architectural images of factories in the European animal feed manufacturing sector.

In the project 20 European countries will involved in a partnership with FEFAC (European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation).
During the first year (2012/2013) eight participating countries will be covered: Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Austria, France.
This unique collection of documentary and artistic photographs will consist of an estimated 350 images at the end of the five‐year project.
Each year, the photographs will be exploited in the form of an international exhibition, the publication of an annual photographic album (approximately 40 pages), the release in the specialist press of a photographic travel journal every two months from November 2012 onwards, and a website dedicated exclusively to the project, available online at the beginning of January 2013.
To obtain a copy of the sponsorship document and join the project, contact Laurent Bellec.

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