Positive outlook for VIV Russia 2009

13-11-2008 | |
Positive outlook for VIV Russia 2009

With 7 months to go, 115 international and national companies have confirmed participation and VIV Russia 2009 exhibition, scheduled 26-28 May, 2009, in the Crocus Exhibition Centre.

The positive outlook of the Russian livestock market is reflected in the
sales of the exhibition floor space, together with the Russian meat market for
poultry, pork and beef remaining on an upward move.

Consumer demand in
Russia tends to the use of fresh meat products. Market specialists report that
strong business opportunities are in meat processing, logistics, storage and

“The production of healthy and safe food is key,” says VIV
Russia Project Manager Wendy Voermans. “Russia needs to answer the quickly
increasing consumer demand for high quality meat products. This is supported by
the Russian government’s new programme for 2008-2012 called the State Programme
for Development and Regulation of Food and Agricultural Markets, which
encourages the improvement of meat production and processing in terms of quality
and quantity. This offers many profitable opportunities, which are backed by our
recently held investment survey.”

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