Poultry-feed makers asked to vacate city

28-05-2007 | |

Three out of the five poultry feed operations in Lahore, Pakistan have told the government that they will be moving out of the city.

The Pakistan government has been asking the feed
manufacturers to move away from the densest city in Pakistan as they were
polluting the environment and causing a bad odour in the air.

Poultry Protein, Mehar Poultry Waste Processing, Qasim Poultry Protein, Asia
Poultry Feed and Idrees Poultry Waste Processing have also asked the government
to issue them NOCs to import modern machinery in order to process their products
in an environmentally friendly manner.

Punjab environment departments
have already served notice to the owners of the units for violating
environmental laws, and residents of nearby housed were pleased when the units
were asked to shut down. However, the owners had their units de-sealed after 24
hours of them being sealed and started business again. Asia Poultry Protein,
Mehar Poultry Protein and Makhdoom Poultry Protein are the units that have
assured the government that they will move out of the city.

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