Private equity fund acquires Perten Instruments

02-10-2010 | |

Perten Instruments announces that it has been acquired by Valedo, a Swedish private equity firm.

Perten has achieved yearly double digit growth in the past few years, and the acquisition provides Perten with the necessary financial backing to continue to grow in agrifood analysis.
All Perten management and employees will continue to run daily operations under the Perten Instruments name and brand, and the company will keep its emphasis on application expertise and superior customer support.
Growth is to be driven by product and business development as well as geographical expansion.
“As a result of new product launches in recent years, Perten has exciting prospects for the future with attractive opportunities to substantially accelerate our expansion,”comments Sven Holmlund, Group CEO of Perten.
“We are active in a changing market that is experiencing continuous and increasing requirements for quality control and process monitoring of food and crops. With support from Valedo, we will actively participate in and drive the transformation of the industry.”

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed