Product: Perstorp launches new specific release acid

12-09-2012 | |
Product: Perstorp launches new specific release acid

Feed additive producer Perstorp introduces ProPhorce SR: a form of butyric acid with specific release throughout the digestive tract. ProPhorce SR has all of the well known benefits of butyric acid but none of its smell issues.

ProPhorce SR consists of butyrins which are glycerol esters of butyric acid. The esterifying process ensures the absence of the typical butyric acid odour and a superior delivery of the active components throughout the digestive tract. The effectiveness of ProPhorce SR has been well demonstrated in “in vivo” trials in different animal species.

ProPhorce SR is available in both dry and liquid forms unlike pure butyric acid salts or coated products. It facilitates handling as it has no dust or odour issues.

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