Products: Better protein digestion with Cibenz DP100 enzyme

25-03-2011 | |

Poultry producers who want more flexibility and control over their feed rations have a valuable new tool at their disposal: Cibenza DP100 from Novus International.

“Cibenza DP100 is a real game changer,” says Dr. Scott Carter, Global Poultry Market Manager for Novus. “This dietary enzyme is formulated to give poultry producers much more control over their protein ingredients.
“The enzyme offers the flexibility to incorporate more cost-effective protein sources into diets with no sacrifice in performance, or maximize performance in birds that receive rations formulated with the highest quality protein ingredients.”
 “Our research and trials have shown that the use of Cibenza DP100 allows producers to use diets formulated with proteins and amino acids that are 5 to 10% lower than recommended industry standards with no sacrifice in animal performance. This provides significant feed-cost savings for producers.”
Protease enzymes
Protease enzymes naturally occur in the digestive tracts of all animals, including poultry. These protease enzymes break down dietary proteins into their constituent components – peptides and amino acids – that are directly absorbed by the gut.
These endogenous enzymes, though, are not as effective as other proteases in breaking down certain protein sources. This is particularly true in younger birds compared to older birds.
Novus identified and isolated a particularly aggressive, heat-stable, broad-spectrum protease that complements poultry’s endogenous enzymes.
The use of the enzyme allows producers to enhance the digestibility of a broad range of vegetable and animal-based proteins, from highly digestible soybean meal to feather meal, which falls at the other end of the digestibility spectrum.
Assay technology
IDEA is another tool Novus is introducing which provides poultry producers with greater control over the feed component of their business.
IDEA is the first assay of its kind. It provides an almost immediate understanding of the digestibility of various protein sources, which allows producers to quickly make changes that can result in significant feed-cost savings.
Novus developed IDEA because there was a need for a rapid cost-effective assay technology that could allow producers to accurately evaluate and quantify protein and amino acid digestibility.
The more accurate assessment of the actual quality of protein ingredients eliminates the need to over-formulate for either peace of mind, or insurance purposes.
With the knowledge of the quality of their protein source in hand, poultry producers can then more effectively use Cibenza DP100 to expand their protein options to maximize performance or enhance feed-cost savings.

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