PTN specialist in pelleting foresees bright future through continues innovation

08-03-2010 | |

Pelleting Technology Nederland has been able to survive many different world-wide crises in the 30 years of its existence thanks to a continuous ambition of developing innovative equipment solutions for the animal feed industry.

As a medium sized family owned company based in the south of the Netherlands, PTN has always focused its activities on engineering, development, manufacturing and sales to the feed milling industry. The core competence is manufacturing of Pelleting Equipment which means feeders, conditioners / mixers, pellet mills, coolers, crumblers and sifters.
As a result of this focus PTN was granted different Dutch, European and world wide patents. One of the most famous developments and patent is the BOA Compactor which is an good alternative for other well known pre-pelleting technologies. It can be easily installed above any kind of pellet mill regardless brand or age and will give a lot of benefits like, amongst others, quality improvement and higher capacity.
Unique and also patented is the Automatic Roller Adjustment on the PTN Progress Pellet Mills. Because no electrical, hydraulic or mechanical component comes into contact with the raw material we offer a really unique solution. With the widest range in the industry from 350 mm up to 1100 mm in die diameter the Progress Pellet Mill offers always an answer.
Recently we have received a new Dutch patent and are expecting the European patent for our innovative invention as an answer to the urgent demand of the animal feed industry of producing safe pelleted feed. PTN’s Temperature Control System and Retention Time Barrel provides a state of the art solution for thermal treatment. This unique and innovative invention is shortly best described as;
“an insulated mixing device which heats up the mash feed by means of dry steam to a preset temperature by rotating in two directions. At the moment the preset temperature has been reached a valve slowly opens into an insulated retention time barrel where the mash remains for a period of 2 to 5 minutes. The geometry of the transport blades in the barrel guarantee “first in – first out”. ”
Some of the advantages;
·        100% guarantee that from the first gram the mash feed has had the required thermal treatment in order to eliminate bacteria as salmonella.
·        No need to install by-pass systems for non thermal treated mash at production start or after emergency stops.
·        Guaranteed first in first out of the retention time barrel.
·        Higher temperature of the mash up to 95° Celsius generated by relatively cheap steam before entering the pellet mill, minimizes the electrical energy consumption needed to manufacture the pellet.
·        Increased capacity up to 15% of the existing pellet mill due to higher temperature and better absorption of steam.
·        Δ-T ± 1,5° Celsius
Please visit us at The VIV Europe in Hall 7 booth E114 where we can discuss if there is a bright future possible between your company and the specialist in pelleting equipment, PTN Nederland.